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FO: NES Collection Sell Off - 600+ NES Carts!


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Hello, VGS! This is SwiftFrost (over 200+ transactions) from NA and I am selling off my collection. Before I hit the bay, wanted to post here first. My loss is your gain (or some other nonsensical tagline)!

I have over 600 Carts and other Misc items (Genesis and SNES CIB, systems, et al) available for sale. Be forewarned, most of the rare stuff has already been claimed/sold.

Condition: Everything listed is at least an 8/10 unless otherwise noted on the sheet.

You can find the listing here:

Game Google Sheet

Note: I am aware that nothing is priced (way too many), hence the FO. Please do not message me with a "what is the best you can do on X game?" So, bundle together a bunch of games and make me an offer. I am ready to wheel and deal. I've been known to give nice discounts when purchasing in bulk. If you need a baseline for prices feel free to check gamevaluenow.com.

PM me!

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Can I get some photos of the Chrono?  I already have a really nice copy but I want to upgrade the box.  If it's in great shape and, especially, doesn't have a crease on the inner flap where someone opened it without paying attention to that type of thing, I might be interested.

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I've never complained about anyone between here and N/A, but this guy's an asshole.

I emailed him right after he listed. We negotiated a price and everything was set. I was waiting for him to send me his paypal and he emailed me saying he had to suspemd all sales. He just emailed me back saying he sold them to someone else. What a dick.

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