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Welcome to the Homebrew Section


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Welcome to the Homebrew section of Video Game Sage! Whether you're here for creating, playing, collecting, or more, please join us in making this a great place to be. If you're here for NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBA, Genesis, Master System, N-Gage, or others, we welcome you. Looking for help getting started? Ask questions in the Programming section. Have some news, interesting links, or personal projects and stories to share? Post it over in the Sharing section. This forum will only be as strong as we make it, so if you're itching to create a topic, guide, or article please contribute. This is a chance to start anew, so if there is something that you'd like to see please speak up. If there is anything that the staff can do contact the Homebrew Team and we will do what we can. Thanks for joining us on VGS!

~The Homebrew Team


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To echo a bit of what SoleGoose said, we are here to help, so please speak up if you need/want/are concerned about something, or even if you simply have a question.

We will do whatever we can to assist in making this a fun, welcoming, and collaborative environment to further nurture something we hold very dear - HOMEBREW!

Welcome everyone!!!!

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Homebrew Team · Posted

The Homebrew Team and VGS Staff are looking to expand and improve the Brewery section throughout 2020.  We will still be all the things that Solegoose and Neodolphino said above, but you will be seeing more from us in the future.  In the meantime, checkout the below areas and drop us a line with feedback and suggestions.

- The Homebrew Team @Deadeye @neodolphino @Scrobins


Homebrew Section Highlights

Edited by Deadeye
Added Homebrew Database and General Chat
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As you may have noticed, we have added some new subcategories to the Homebrews section.

We've added a Homebrewpedia category for people who want to create or consult programming and composition guides.

Under the Share category, we added the Game Room sub where you can promote your latest game and Feature Presentation if you aren't developing a full game, but want to share a new gameplay feature/mechanic you want to show off.

Under the Development/Questions category, we added Programming CodebreakersPixel Art Drawing Room, and the Chiptune Studio so you can ask/answer questions withing your specific homebrew development area of interest.


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Moderator · Posted

As I mentioned in my last post, we have created new subforums for the homebrew section. In order to help facilitate their use, we will be moving threads from the general section to their appropriate subforums if applicable starting Monday.

No one's threads or posts will be deleted. If you cannot find a particular thread, check the subforums to see if it was moved there, otherwise PM one of the Homebrew Staff and we will assist you.

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