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Sega Saturn Controller Oddity?


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I got this in a bag of scraps from my buddy, yesterday, and I was gonna just toss it in the junk box (there were also some Famicom controllers I was tickled to get), but I figured I'd research it first, which led to more questions than answers.

According to the plastic, model number is HSS-0101, all pics brought up with this Id show a black controller. The white controller has a slightly different part id number.

Also no idea where the buttons went, and one can see the Sega name on the front.

Ideas or thoughts on this controller? 





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I think I can clear up some of the confusion here, seeing as I am the one who took the controller apart! 😉

Firstly, it is an official, standard, if highly worn Saturn controller I received with an old Japanese Saturn someone gave me.

Secondly, I took both controllers that came with the system apart in order to clean them. However, this controller is faulty, some of the buttons simply do not work even after I cleaned it up. The other controller I got worked fine.

Also, I have kept the buttons themselves as well as the contact pads for use as spares, but if you really want them @fcgamer then I'd be happy to pass those on to you also! 😄

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