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Broke my heart


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I frequent our local game stores all the time and it's not uncommon to see people selling loads of stuff I'd be interested in. The stores here give like 30% value. It'd be a win-win if I could get it from them for like 50% value but I don't want to be that guy (plus probably get banned from the store).


There was one time the guy was going to sell his games, they told him like $60 and he was going to take it. The store required an ID to sell though and he didn't have one, so as he was leaving I met him outside and gave him the $60 the store was going to give him. Don't remember everything in the lot but Xenosaga 3 was in there which paid for the whole thing. Makes you wonder how much good stuff the stores get for pennies... 

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If I see this occurring I’ll look at the person who works for the store purchasing the stuff and ask if it’s ok if I make an offer, some folks don’t care and just ask me to do it outside, others will say no and I respect that. I’ve never been scolded for asking if it’s ok if I make an offer I just don’t take offense and argue if they say no. I’ve even had employees of GameStop tell me it was alright to make them an offer outside because they generally felt bad about how much the store could give. 

edit: since this was a game store I doubt it would have worked but hey you miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

-Wayne Gretzky 

- Michael Scott

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