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Rip Caroll Spinney AKA Oscar the grouch.

docile tapeworm

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Oh I bet Mr. Snuffleupagus must be so sad; I bet the poor guy won't be able to eat his cabbage for a week 😞  I mean Big Bird and Snuffy were besties just like 'Bird and Mr. Hooper were back in the day.  So I guess it's only fitting to flashback a little over 36 years ago to probably the most iconic moment in 'Street history 😞  Luckily I was able to find a clip that includes Big Bird doing that weird thing with his head between his legs because it gives added context to the part at 8:38


Not-so-fun fact: Did you know that NASA originally wanted Big Bird to be on the tragic 1986 Challenger mission but couldn't do it because the costume couldn't fit?  Wow, the explosion and the killing of the teacher and the others was plenty bad enough but imagine if it had been with Big Bird/Caroll Spinney with all those kids watching...

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I actually remember that episode when it originally aired shortly after Will Lee (Mr Hooper) had passed 

RIP as well to Caroll Spinney I always liked watching sesame street as a kid, sadly my kids did not get that experience like I did back then when shit was decent and actually accidently learned something a time or two between watching Sesame Street and The Electric Company (original) on PBS and when Pinwheel became Nickelodeon...dammit I am getting old. 

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