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~ Virtual Boy Permanent Solder Fix Repair Service! ~

Nes Freak

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Over 500 Virtual boy consoles repaired between PlanetVB Nintendoage and ebay! with a 100% satisfaction!

I use high grade hakko solder equipment with a micro soldering iron, microscope, and leaded solder to repair your console! I've been soldering for over 15 years!
If you have further issues with your console pm me. I can fix more than just the displays.

~~(Price for solder fix)~~

For 44.99 by Paypal will cover one virtual boy console or both displays. Shipping cost details are below. If you have two consoles its 89.98

I'll also clean your console of dirt and dust and shine it up including buffing the red lenses (if needed) as a free bonus.

~~(Return Shipping cost and packing instructions)~~

1 VB console with 200 insurance is (17.99) USPS medium flat rate. (no insurance is 14.35)

2 VB consoles 400 insurance is (25.99) USPS large flat rate. (no insurance 19.99)

Displays: with 200 insurance is (10.49) USPS small flat rate. insurance increases per pair of displays. (price varies)
(no insurance 7.99)

Displays (basic shipping):
bubble mailer well packed, no insurance 4.49

A console fits in a medium flat rate and 2 console in a large flat rate box via usps.

Displays can be taped inside a CD case and mail via bubble mailer or in a small flat rate box.
displays must be in paper towels as they're static sensitive!

The screw driver to take apart your console is dirt cheap from china if you want to save some money via shipping
https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from= ... w+Driver&_sacat=0&_sop=15

Please Note:
I recommend you insure your Console/displays. If your console/displays gets damaged or lost in shipping.
I will not cover your item.

Please only send your head unit. the visor can be removed by pulling on it. don't forget your game in the console.
I can get the repair done with in 2 to 5 days of receiving your console.

send me a PM here and i will answer you ASAP!

Having this repair done will greatly increase the lifespan and value of your console. All non fixed VB console will fail over time. My work can be seen below. thank you for your interest!

VB 3 NF.jpg

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