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A lost home movie from 1995. Playing Super Metroid!

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Hey folks, thought I'd share this old home video my sister's friend, Judith (the one in the thumbnail), found over the holidays at her parent's house. We never had a camcorder and I don't remember this so it was pretty cool to take a step back into our life in 1995 when my sister randomly shared this with us today - it hits different than an old picture. That's me, Pete (8 at the time), at the start of the video holding onto the Super Metroid Guide, sucking my thumb with my Raider's getup on (remember the shorts sewn on over the sweat pants??) and my brother, Neil (12), playing Super Metroid. Anyway, my sister, Anna (14), takes us on a little tour of the house (shaky cam lol - sorry) and then ends up showing off her bedroom which is hilarious. From the TV setup, the clothes, the phone, to the appliances and setup of my sister's room, it's a real blast from the past. A shame I didn't say anything but that's what happens when you suck your thumb all day! (Make fun of me all you want... It was a bad habit that gradually faded when I was like 11 or 12). It's a little slow in the middle but less than 5 min. total. Enjoy. (video is unlisted so may have to click the link).



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