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Evercade -- General Thread


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This thread is dedicated to anything and everything having to do with the fabulous Evercade Video Game System --



What I love about this system is --

1)All games are on cartridges!
2)Cartridges are typically compilations and often include around 10 games per cartridge.
3)Compilations include arcade games, the newest indie games, classics from Atari, C64, Amiga, and much more!
4)Games are relatively cheap -- retail is $20-30.
5)All games include manuals!
6)It's becoming collectible. Heck, this blew my mind --


Unbelievable! Makes me wonder if Evercade is starting to discontinue some cartridges which is going to make them crazy expensive?

My latest addition is Demons of Asteborg 🙂

Share your love (or complaints) of this system! Myself, I think this is a dream system in many wonderful ways!


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There was a panel on the Evercade this year at PRGE.  I own the portables and the console for playing on my TV.  I've really enjoyed having this system and you can't go wrong with the price point for the cartridges (pretty much $20 for all of them).  Some of the carts are no longer being sold (like the Atari Collections), which is making some of them harder to find. 

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I don't own the system myself, but I respect what they're going for with it. It seems like a very good entry point to retro gaming for a younger and/or more casual audience, as well as a nice little addition to the collection for more dedicated retro gamers/collectors.

I also appreciate the fact they just get on with things, they make their systems and put out the games and stuff, and it's just what it is, you know. They aren't trying to hype anything or try to big the system up as the second coming or nothing. It just is what it is and does what it does, and I respect that.

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Has anyone picked up the capcom preloaded handhelds?

I've been kinda on the fence, but those units seem generally well received and with the ability to play the evercade carts, a solid entry point if they're not terrible. 

Anyone have some real life takes on them? I get a fancy gameboy vibe. 

Also, cant not mention the king. The Duke Nukem remakes have me ready to take the dive more than ever, as well. 

I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta kicks and chew. 

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5 hours ago, TDIRunner said:

That's pretty cool.  I don't own an Evercade, but I kind of want that. 

Evercade is a fabulous little system. Oh, and did I mention it's cheap and easily available! Both the new forthcoming handheld and standard systems include the Tomb Raider trilogy, and are $100 --


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I had one of these long ago, dating it, when they kept struggling/failing to get out the RENOVATION cart with all those lovely Genesis titles on there, a real list of bangers.  I got fed up with trying for the longest time to get the carts I wanted and ended up being so put off not being able to get the game packs I wanted I gave up on it. 😕

The system is a fantastic idea, they have since put out some really solid carts, yet aggravatingly lost the Namco ones so hard the firmware blocks them (dumb) as well which stinks.  it's a solid choice if you want some solid game bundles on the go or on the TV if you go that way.

There also is a pair of newer handhelds with a built in set of Capcom or I think it was Taito titles on there, and then an option game cart slot in the rear to use these games as well.  That almost tempted me with the Capcom one, and it would if I ever saw one in person I'd think.

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