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F zero 99 anybody have a win?

docile tapeworm

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I took first once and it was by luck. Honestly, I think most of the game is luck, specifically on when you get a special boost, or if you can manage to destroy another racer at an opportune time. Certain skills help (like being well versed on all the tracks, and being able to "read" opponents enough to block them whenever they try to pass you, but beyond having the gameplay down, I think you just keep racing until you get lucky. I can get top 10 or at least top 25 pretty consistently, but taking first is still a rarity.

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It's a fun game. I've gotten 3 first places, most all due to luck and many hours of playtime. Usually the first place guy will crash or some fluke at the very end in order for me to win.

The best chance to win in my IMO is use Goose, maintain like under 25-30 rank and save as many boosts as possible on the final lap, and then go hard as possible to victory.


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Tied for 2nd a few days ago. I doubt a first place win anytime soon though, thanks to my pro controller's right stick drifting. Also, most of the first place winners in my races seem to be Golden Fox users that spam boost to jump ahead and hope to refuel before someone else catches up and KO's them. 

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12 hours ago, koifish said:

I use the golden fox, it has a long boost meter and good handling. I haven't used the goose much.

I feel like the Golden Fox is good for the easier courses, but you have to get out front early and have a close to flawless run.  I've had a similar experience with the Stingray.

The Goose gives more of a margin of error. 

But overall there are many great players right now who know all the subtle tricks, ideal spots to boost etc. So for me, Goose was the only vehicle to give me a fighting chance (as I am not as good as many of the players).

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