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Random Dreamcast question


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I have no clue about this item, but in general jewel cased items that are part of larger sets/boxes are unusually sealed and put inside the box with extra goodies.

I know for some sets  like PSP, DS, etc., sound tracks and the like are often sealed inside the box.  However, I think games like the Lunar Series, Arc the Lad for PSX were NOT sealed jewel cases, so YMMV, depending on the game.

So, there is the chance it's factory sealed and it should be.  It's just missing the exterior box, microphone, inserts, etc.  I'd post photos and let the experts help you.  If the seals look legit and the books and inserts look like they are in perfect condition, I'd assume they are sealed.

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I tend to agree with RH, it was probably just removed from the package sealed for whatever reason. Intricate counterfeits were not common even when the Dreamcast was new, and this isn't a particularly valuable game. I sincerely doubt it is counterfeit.

If you can post some photos, should (hopefully) be straightforward for us to help you conclude one way or the other.

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