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WATA this mean?

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This is a mistake, the (No Code) refers to either of the 3 codes on the box. Two are circled by CIB_Wholesale, the third is the TM next to SYSTEM on the front of the box. This box has all 3 codes and is specifically noted as "Title TM" so there's no need for the "No Code" portion of the description.

If it referred to the REV-A, it would be listed as "No REV-A" which is what I suspect they meant to put there.

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On 7/17/2023 at 10:45 AM, CIB_Wholesale said:

there are a lot of different codes on the back that can be present or missing in these 2 spots



In this case I believe the no code refers to the top left of this back photo. It would say “NES P SC” if the code were there.

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