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Co-op Multiplayer PS4 Games

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I have played Death Squared mentioned above and really enjoyed it.  What type of co-op are you looking for here?  FPS, Beat em up?  Puzzle?

There's practically an entire genre of games that now follow in the Overcooked mold.  If you have never played it, you should.  The sequel is even better.  Of the spin-offs, I like Out of Space, Catastronauts, and Spacelines From the Far Out.

Moving Out and Think of the Children are sorta like Overcooked, but a bit more frustrating IMO.  Moving out is made by the same people as Death Squared.

I'm not 100% on what is on Playstation, but there's also Human Fall Flat which is sort of a puzzle game and sort of its own thing.  Gang Beasts and Totally Reliable Delivery Service give the same vibes as Human Fall Flat.

Lovers in a Dangerous SpaceTime can't really be compared to Overcooked, but it was quite fun as well.

List with a lot of games mentioned:  Best Multiplayer Games To Play If You Loved Overcooked! 2 (thegamer.com)

Best Multitasking Games Like Overcooked (gamerant.com)

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