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My Lynx problem


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I’d probably start by taking it apart to the motherboard and cleaning the up button contact with IPA and a toothbrush. Heck do the whole motherboard while you’re in there. Could be as simple as a dirty contact. I feel like if it had anything to do with you plugging it in the unit wouldn’t even power on if it was fried. 

Here is a tear down guide: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Replacing+an+Atari+Capacitor/22577

I think you should see what you need to clean at step 5. Basically where the up button contacts the motherboard. 


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Administrator · Posted
6 hours ago, Gamegearguy said:

Like I'd have an idea how to do that.

You asked what to do and whether you can fix it, and he responded with both a high level overview of what you could try, assured you it's simple, and provided a guide on how to do it that goes more in depth. You didn't specify which model you have, he had no way of knowing. 

Why respond this way? 

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Simple:  Lazy


Rather pay someone to likely charge a technician fee and postage both ways then use a screwdriver and a brush with some alcohol to solve the issue if it is that simple.  Even if it's not, it narrows it down a bit.  PCB has no relevance on button contacts, switches, etc.  It's not like you're checking traces and running a full job over on each chip, part, etc to find a fail.

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