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Unauthorized Famicom Games by NTG (Games List)

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I started going through my rather small collection of unauthorized Famicom games made by a company we'll refer to as NTG. Historically, some of my collector friends in Taiwan would refer to these cartridges as "NIG" cartridges, but I think they're reading the imprinted letters wrong and I personally think it's more likely to be NTG. Thoughts on what this could mean though? A manufacturer's name? NinTendo Game? Something else?

Anyways, a lot of these games have ID numbers on the back, so I thought we might as well start a list to document these, for future reference. If anyone has anything to add, please do so, and I'll add it to the main list below.


Game List:

V-???      City Connection
V-040     Star Force
V-047     Wrecking Crew
V-048     Flappy
V-063     Route 16 Turbo
V-081     Binary Land



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Ooof...choices, but now that you've done that, I was debating this with him before some days back, I felt it was NTG but I didn't have as nice an image or a blow up.  Seeing that arc clearly off the N to the right I'm inclined to call it NJG.  If it were a T I would think the slope odd and the lower line to keep the bars consistent would stop at the bottom of the maybe T or parallel to the top line of the T yet not touching the N as it would otherwise be sloppy (not that pirates would care.)

U isn't a comfy fit, the I would be strange too again with the curve.  I still think it's the T but if not that now I'm thinking J is possible.  I feel compelled to start popping around a few places again to see if I can dig up something.

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VGS contest anyone? Name the company by choosing one of the letter combinations above?

Here's a few others possibilities:

National Taiwan Gaming

Nintendo Taiwan Gaming

T for technology?

Nintendo TV Games

National TV Games

Nintendo Television Gaming?

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