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Wrapping up a subset of my collection

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I don’t share much of my collection these days. Mainly because I have slowed down so much since 2017. But tonight I got the last piece of a little sub collection I unintentionally started way back in 2004. 

I was in 7th grade, browsing the plug n play section of my local Walmart and stumbled across something I thought was the coolest of shit. The Atari Flashback. It was the first one ever released and was physically modeled after the 7800, which I had no knowledge of at the time. The only thought I had in my head was this thing would be awesome for playing some games with the family at my grandparents house during get togethers, because surely old people all knew about and had played Atari’s back in the day. 

While there was some fun to be had with the family couple of times, it wasn’t as a big of hit as I assumed. Then a year later the Flashback 2 was released and this one actually looked like an Atari so I obviously had to have that.

Then some time past, 6 years to be exact, and in 2011 the Flashback 3 was released. It was the very beginning of 2011 were I truly started collecting retro games, so naturally I acquired this one as well.

2012 saw the Flashback 4 released and this one had a whopping 75 games AND wireless joysticks. Couldn’t pass that up. 

And two years later in 2014 the Flashback 5 came and had 92 games. Well thats almost 100, Id be a fool not to grad that. 

From that point it became, “Well I got the others might as well get this one.” Which also include the Intellivision and Colecovision ones when they came out. Until finally today saw delivered to me the Flashback X (deluxe). The 10th and final Atari Flashback that I will be owning. There is said to be another one coming this year, but after a nearly 20yr journey I think it’s time for me to wrap it up, and 10 is a nice round number to end it on. 



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8 hours ago, dogbowl said:

Nice work. I've picked up a few flashbacks over the years but yet to actually open & play any. I just toss the up in the attic!


I've got a feeling you are done buying them either. Gotta keep the collection complete!

Nah I’m definitely done. I really should’ve quit after 3 or 4. Theyre all basically the same. Like I said having 10 ataris is a nice round number that won’t nag at me. The 11th one that looks like is coming this year is just the same as 10 with slightly different games again. I can only dedicate so much room to these things 

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Yeah, if they were vastly different in games, I can see going on with them, but they basically all have the same general first party library and whatever third party IP holder they can get ahold of and throw money at for the rest. Ending at ten is fine.

I did like the one that first brought the M-Network games to these things (was that Flashback 5?). I never expected that and thought it was pretty cool, and there's some fairly interesting Intellivision ports.

Speaking of the -vision flashbacks, I think the Colecovision Flashback has the strongest library. Not a lot of filler like the others, and some of the better arcade ports made it on there. Obviously they weren't going to get Donkey Kong or anything like that, but I was surprised by what did make it. There's some homebrews on there, too.

Intellivision's game library is okay, it has a decent chunk of the definitive ones, but it also has some filler. Intellivision was the go-to sports game console of its day, and so has a healthy selection of that genre. But those games were quickly superseded by sports games on consoles like the NES.


BTW, I don't know if you know, but the Flashback 1's games are actually NES ports. It runs an NOAC, so in theory those games should run on an Everdrive.

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21 hours ago, Tulpa said:


BTW, I don't know if you know, but the Flashback 1's games are actually NES ports. It runs an NOAC, so in theory those games should run on an Everdrive.

Oh Ive learned more about the flashbacks over the years then I care to admit. So yea I know about the NOAC, and stuff like the cartridge port hack on the Flashback 2, and the rarely mentioned Flashback 2+, since the 2 was a clone 2600 before moving to emulation. The early one were neat that way before Atgames took over starting with 3.

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Graphics Team · Posted

Impressive collection. I love the Flashback consoles, and have a couple of the Atari ones myself. The latest design with the switches instead of big orange buttons looks really nice, too.

It's a shame that so many of these include great spinner games but lack paddles / paddle-compatibility. The great joystick-compatible library makes up for it, though.


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