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Fully Restored N64 Kiosk (UPDATE)

Nes Freak

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after a month an 1/2  i finally got this thing restored as best i can.  lots of work  i still have a few issues to fix but its over all working.

its running off  5000k led bulbs now.  no more florecents.   cooler and safe on the plastic. the balast was blown on the lower light so i bypassed it with a direct connect led light.  with a custom cable i made using a ps1 AC cable lol. 


the bass audio wasnt working right but after the recap its working correctly now. the sound system board has been recapped with japanese caps.  the mario voice chip works  but it wont play all the way though even with the delay pot set to max.  i know the chip works  cause when i speed it up it plays all the way.  i tried a new timer chip and it still didnt fix it so either a bad resister or ceramic capacitor.  or maybe the pot is bad i dont know...


the rubber mat and controller holder has been dressed with water based tire rubber protection  to prolong its life.  i fixed the hole in the mat with black tape  and elmers glue.


the dome was pretty scratched up so i got a 30 dollars cheap car buffer  and plastic polish  to  make it look alot nicer.  i couldn't get the deep scratches out but its better than nothing.  i did try ultra fine sand paper which worked but  getting the fine scratches out left by the sand paper was way too hard so i didnt bother with the rest.


the board has a 40mm usb fan on it to keep it cool  i also replaced the main cooling fan with a noctura 80mm fan cause the original fan was noisy  and the bearing were starting to go  i made a custom cable  to connect to the board  and to make it easy to replace with another 3 pin computer fan if necessary.


i replaced the power strip inside the unit wit ha new one.  the old one isnt grounded so i put a grounded one in  with a much shorter cable.  its a basic GE 6 plug power strip  no protection.  (i have a surge suppressor connected outside the unit)


i found a identical tv that came with the kiosk originally  its a philips 20in PA5202  crt TV  im looking to see if i can another domed n64 foil sticker made to place over the top of the philips logo to make it look official.  tbh i prefer the consumer version of the tv since i can run the n64 on the s video port.  the tv was damaged in shipping.  but i was able to fix it.  and the damage wasnt bad thankfully.


the lock was replaced  with a 7 pin tubular lock cause the original lock was damaged  getting the original 8 pin lock off with out drilling or damaging the unit took 6 hours


btw getting this thing  up stairs was  so hard XD it took a few family members and taking the thing partially apart to get it up here lol.  if there ever a fire this thing will go down with the ship so hopefully that doesn't happen...


btw i kept all the original parts  working or not.  theres is a few parts missing but nothing too noticeable  im going to see if a metal maker can recreate one of the parts  a bracket for the controller


im just glad i got this  like ive said  ive been waiting one of these for a very long time.


i will have a more detailed video regarding how i restored this  and how to care for it in the future.  i hope you like it 😛


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  • The title was changed to Fully Restored N64 Kiosk (UPDATE)

thanks to a few users that confirmed this i finally figure out why the mario voice cuts off.

the 104  (100K) pot for the voice delay  installed at the factory is too small.  apparently early models of the kiosk the wrong pot was installed.


so by swapping out the 104 pot to the 105 (1M) pot  the voice will now play all the way though and longer  since the value is x10 higher than a 104 pot. 


ive also come to the conclusion  that the mario chip does not fail,  its actually inexperienced users that don't understand out the board works.

there is a jumper that if removed, will disable the timer reset and mario chip.  the other reasons it might not work is the voice volume being turn down  or  in my case the wrong pot installed.  so to any of you owners of the n64 kiosk i hope this helps answer some questions.  heres a picture i did telling what does what.  and just fyi never plug your speakers in to the fan connector it will blow them.  and the one line is an unused bass connector.

IMG_7103 copy.jpg

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