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NES Demo Coding, Who does it?


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So, in the same vein as c64 demoscene demos, who among us are into demo coding on NES? or know of some influential demos on the platform showing off what is possible? 

I started working on a visual effect in the same sort of style as the c64. This effect is exploiting palettes, since writing tiles to the screen is very limited on NES.  I am interested in seeing any good examples of other effects you would not normally expect on a NES. If you code or know of any demos, post/link to your work or to any work that you have found. 

Watching the 2007 demo 'aspekt' is definitely what sparked the interest for me in this. 

Attached is a beta of the effect I'm working on, but wish to explore more avenues. 


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That was super great, Vextrex. That rainbow scroller and stretchy ‘copper’ were really great. I’m curious how effects like that are pulled off. I know there are limited tiles one can update on screen at a time. How do people manage such large animations and not run into those issues? 

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