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Best Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs  

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  1. 1. Who wore the turtle neck best?

    • Noah Wyle
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Michael Fassbender

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Wyle managed to fool people that he was Jobs at a MacWorld convention, so points there.

Kutcher nearly killed himself mimicking Jobs' fruitarian diet. That's dedication.

Haven't seen Fassbender's Jobs yet.

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33 minutes ago, a3quit4s said:

Nothing beats Pirates of Silicon Valley

It gets bonus points for Anthony Hall as Bill Gates and featuring music by Tears for Fears. Just came too soon and missed too many important moments.

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Ok, I was finally able to watch what I needed for this and the answer is tough.  Fassbender looks NOTHING like jobs but I don't think that was the point.  Everything I've ever heard about Jobs has been that personally he was a toxic person.  He may have built the largest company in the world with products that some folks have absolutely worshipped, but he was a horrible human being.  I really feel like Fastbender nailed that on the head, but the film wasn't great.

It was obvious that Kutcher put in the work to try and capture the persona of Steve, at least what was publicly seen.  I think he looks nothing like Jobs but he worked so hard at the role, at times he really did seem like Steve in appearance and mannerisms but on the whole it just felt like a bland Hollywood biopic.

Pirates of Silicon Valley didn't make Jobs look great, but it didn't make him look bad either.  In fact, Bill is the bad guy in that story and it felt to much like a fan's take on Jobs.

At the end, I settled on Kutcher as the best.  But Fastbender was close.  If Fastbender had managed to look and behave in mannerisms as much like Steve as Kutcher did, he would have won hands down.  But, considering Kutcher's efforts with the script and story he had to work with, I had to give him the win.

Again, I felt that Sorkin's story wasn't well written but I do think the portrayal of Jobs was spot on.  It was just told in an odd way, always being back stage at key moments and even though Jobs relationship with his daughter was kind of the key plot point, it still managed to feel shoe-horned into the entire story.  If it was told better, I'd probably have given the win to Fastbender.

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