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SOLD (SNES / NES collection)


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This collection has now been sold.  Thanks for your interest!


I have a modest collection of mostly-sought-after NES and SNES titles, in varying conditions but mostly very-good-to-excellent.  I intend to keep the consoles and controllers, at least for now.  Selling this collection because of a need for funds, partly for a house / family situation and partly to assist some refugees from Ukraine who were able to make it out to the US, not far from us.

Edit: adding images here and will post more below as there is a per-post size limit.  Important: the Final Fantasy III box is not original, it is a (nice) repro.  I was sort of misled into thinking otherwise when I purchased, but that is another story.  All other SNES and NES boxes are original.

PriceCharting values this collection (minus the console / controller gear) at about $7400.  I am willing to part with all the games for $5800 plus shipping (which I am guesstimating will be about $200ish, possibly more), and will throw in a few NES duplicates (of good more common games like SMB2 / 3) and extra NES black sleeves.  Almost all CIB games have sturdy plastic outer sleeves (mostly from Malko) and all games have been carefully cleaned including contacts.

I will consider offers but I think it's a good value at the asking price.


I can only ship to the continental US with this one.

Thanks for your interest!  I will do my best to respond as I can, and will try to send images if requested, but we are extremely busy these days and I have very little additional time (even at night) for these things.  I have sold a collection like this once before on this forum to a satisfied buyer and have been buying and selling for a few years (before this site on NA, same username).




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