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Sega Nomad partly ate it -- help

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Last year I ended up getting a Nomad as a trade for some Disney stuff, anyway...little did I know it wasn't stock.  There was a decade plus old mod in there, a chop shop job of sorts with a few ribbon cables, at least 4 wires or so, and a transplanted car DVD player panel in there with a mix of a few double face tape thin strips and a lot of hot glue.

It has been flickering a bit lately, it went out.  Then when I opened it to finally take a peek to see if the cable went, the speaker was so poorly resoldered it pulled up the damned pad!


The unit works, as a TV based genesis...if I wanted that, I'd have bought that.


So does anyone here do work or know someone reliable and quicker who can clean out this crap job, put a proper new LCD in there and clean up the mess?  OR...am I were it's more economical to bite the bullet and just get another pre-modded online?  If so, anyone want a blind and mute Nomad that works as a TV based genesis? 🙂

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Editorials Team · Posted

I could possibly do this, since I've done similar mods to other machines. I have a working Nomad for reference and a stack of 3.5" LCD screens, but I've never actually done the mod to a Nomad, so I shouldn't guarantee anything. So put me on the list as a buyer, so that I'm free to botch it on my own dime 😅

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I just watched macho nacho do a pretty legit mod package on a Nomad let me link it. Not sure how readily available the parts are though. 

I can vouch for @Nes Freakhe did great work on my Virtual Boy a few years back. It’s a tough micro soldering job on the optics. 

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I've heard of that, it's a bit on the high side of price.  I had a friend hook me up with an old NA/racketboy member who oddly can't remember their old user name but he's in TN and said he could fix it.  He has LCD composite on hand, a glass lens replacement, perform a recap, can mod it to handle SMS games (I have a mega everdrive) too.  I'm looking to try this method and see how it works out since it should only be 80 out of pocket plus shipping both ways too.

Can't believe the stupid panel just collapsed like that so fast.  It had been doing a random flicker but it just utterly choked while I was trying out Ys III.  You saw my what's new posts I don't make as frequent as I did in past years, a good nice selection of genesis gems and I get shut out.

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6 hours ago, Nes Freak said:

hmmm i can look at it.  "alot of hot glue"  oh no...  sounds like drakon's work.   hes known for piling the hot glue in there.  sorry for the late reply  if you still need help just let me know.

I forgot this post was active I've had it dealt with.  Not just that but it go some unexpected upgrades included too rolled into the repair.  SMS support and SegaCD audio (both via mega everdrive), JP region switch too, and then what I did expect the caps fully updated along with a new LCD and a proper mounting bracket.


I have no idea who did it, I do know people love to take digs at drakon so that's no surprise.  What was formerly in there I have pics of the mess.  A good decade old job I believe and not well done but it held up for awhile.  The 4th image is the replacement in process with its new pcb in there and lcd mounted properly with all the hot glue removed.






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Member · Posted

I forgot about drakon. That guy must have had a career as a cake decorator before he turned to "repair" work. I remember Game Tech US did a video about an NES RGB mod drakon did. He (Game Tech) kept saying "good lord!" while trying to peel it apart.

Hope someone can fix it for you.

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I used to chat with him a lot online years ago not sure if it was irc or nintendoage, racketboy or digital press maybe.  I liked the work done on his FX chip overclocking experiments.  Seeing Starfox and Stunt Race made pretty smooth was a nice trick.


@Tulpa An online friend of mine for the last decade who turned into offline via phone/facetime has had a buddy a long time just south of here who can basically mod and repair anything.  I got in contact with him and he has taken care of it.  He happened to want something I had so we worked up a trade for the work/parts with a further couple games sent south too just yesterday.  This is his business facebook account, pretty nice images of stuff done in there including a PCE LT recently among others.  https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=retro dog games

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