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Selling around 85% of my nes cib collection! FO


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Hello! I've recently decided to focus more on my handheld stuff, focus on one thing rather then every console. 


I've got some nes cib games and some loose that I'd be willing to sell and maybe trade if you boxed gameboys or harder to find gb/gbc/gba games. But I'd prefer cash being that I'm taking a road trip in a week or so and want to have a bit of pocket money as well as hotel money. 


These pictures admittingly suck, but I will be more then happy to take better ones once I wake up. 


The only games in the photos that are not for sale are kirbys adventure, rainbow islands, bubble bobble, and maybe battle toads and bomberman. May be willing to part with those 2 two if the price is decent enough. 

They vary in condition but nearly all of them at least have a manual. 


I have no problem shipping just one game, or really any amount you need,  as I don't expect anyone to buy them all. I'm located in Nebraska and shipping will need to be calculated, but if you bought enough I could cover it. 


Again, ask for pics! Ill happily take some this early afternoon. 


message me if interested, and please this is best offer vs set prices. 


i also have some loose nes if that's  something you'd be interested in. 

I have references,  and was a nintendoage member if that still counts for something. 


Hope to hear from ya soon 🙂


Thank you!

Will ship to Canada but will need to charge exact shipping. 


Annoyingly it's not letting me upload my pics so I suppose I'd gladly email you whats all there. 



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