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A place to discuss all things pertaining to video game art. Show your love for original art or show off your creations!
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  2. Thanks! Figured the foam was a nice, lighter alternative than heavy wood for wall decorations. Not working on anything at the moment but I do have a couple different projects lined up. Hope to get some more people in here showing off their stuff!
  3. That's a really neat technique. Simple, yet achieves something cool that isn't just a big printout or perler art (nothing against perler art ). I think they turned out really well and are a bit different from what I typically see in terms of decor -- thanks for sharing! I'd love to see more creative works like this from you and anyone else. I have done a few very minor projects, but I'd love to get more into it. So far I don't really have anything interesting to share, but I will when I get the chance. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
  4. I used purple sheet foam. Projected the sprite onto the foam so I could control the pixel size by just moving the projection closer or further. Traced it out then cut it with a hot wire foam cutter. Then I just painted in the pixels.
  5. These are excellent! Thanks so much for sharing! Great work! I’m SUPER excited to see creative works and creations just like this, and hope to really encourage and support more of it throughout VGS. What material are those pixel creations made of if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. I like having a place to show off some of the things I've created that stemmed from my love of video games. What better place than a club, in a forum, filled with a ton of other people who love video games! I'm sure I'll post some more stuff in here. Just figured I'd get it started with a few pics. So this is our mascot at the Water Department where I work. and here he is in the Halloween costume I made him this year Here's some signage that I made for the game store I used to own. It's made from foam sheets I cut out and then painted. Mike Tyson is my favorite. Psycrow never got finished.

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