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  2. And this is why you never give up on the ball. This was about 99.9% in the goal.
  3. Well, apparently the whales were spending big time because the prices for individual items are outrageous! $25 for a goal explosion? Holy cow. I converted a few hundred crates and got a few black markets, exotics, and imports so I'll screenshot and post here in case anybody wants any of them. I certainly won't be buying anything at these prices.
  4. So it looks like the new season and the big blueprints update will be dropping in early December. Any thoughts? I'm extremely excited to see all my crates convert to discrete items. Hopefully I'll get some sweet import or badass painted items among the several hundred crates I've got lying around. I am a bit concerned about how the pricing scheme will work out with new store. Hopefully the best stuff isn't 5x more expensive than the more standard fare.
  5. Welcome! Let's play some time! I don't even remember what my Steam ID is, but I'll figure it out and update my posts. If you want to share your Steam ID, post it as well and I'll create a topic for IDs.
  6. Hell yeah, just caught this - long time RL player here, I play it 3-4 times a week easy - on PC. Wow, you got hella good ranks, I'm mainly a 2's player and hold P2/P3/D1 pretty well - never hit D2 yet. Very interested in improving and climbing the ranks - such a dope game. I struggle with getting good tm8s, it feels about 50/50 at best getting someone I jive with (or someone that doesn't play like it's 1v1).
  7. Alright, I finally got something to put here. It's hard to remember to record a clip after a sweet save since the action stays hot. Here's a decent wall save in either Standard -Champ or Solo Standard - Diamond 1.
  8. Nothing too showy, but a decent little dribble as time expires to tie the game. If I had to guess we probably lost in overtime due to a boneheaded mistake, because that's usually what happens after I do something awesome.
  9. Welcome to the VGS Rocket League Club! Use this space to say hello and drop your username and preferred platform if you're interested in some community shenanigans. The club will be minimally moderated, so go nuts! Make as many topics as you want and discuss everything from terrible teammates to the basics of rotating for newbies. Post videos of your greatest goals, best passes, stupendous saves, and biggest flubs for everyone to enjoy. As for me, I've been playing on and off for about 4 years. My highest rank has been Champ 1 in Standard and Doubles, but I tend to spend most of my time in Diamond 3. I don't take the game too seriously and play on Xbox (Gamertag: RenegadeSaint), Steam, and Switch. I strongly believe that choice of car only minimally impacts your rank and I spent the first two years using the Warthog exclusively. Nowadays, I use the Mudcat and I play mostly Solo Standard (I might be a masochist). Hit me up any time for a game or two. I'm usually on after 9p EST. Let the games begin!
  10. Gotta love those anticipation blocks. Especially when they lead to a goal.
  11. You know what to do. You are the goalie. The unsung hero. The game doesn't stop to give you a replay, but we do.
  12. This is it. The place for your most glorious goals. Share away.
  13. Some of the best assists go totally unappreciated. Share them here for a pat on the back.

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