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Level 38 of Ugly Uppity Umpire



Gee, does all this talk about my butt hurting really warrant 15 comments? I just thought it would be interesting to share my trials and tribulations of my life. After all, that's what a blog does. And I have no one else to tell except those who read it. I still put neosporin on it even though it doesn't really help. 4 more days until my doctors visit.

Anyway, to the purpose of today's blog. I added a teleportation device to Ugly Uppity Umpire. I wanted the guy to disappear off screen and then reappear on the other side, but I couldn't make that happen. Anyway, adding a teleport gives me more freedom on where I can place it if I decide to put it in future levels I design.


I'm really surprised I was able to squeeze 38 different level designs out of my brain. Now I just need a dozen more for a round 50. Can I do it? Time will tell. But when I get in the mood, I can design one level every day. So if I keep doing that, I can get to 50 in a few weeks or so. Oh, and if anyone wants to design a super game boy border for the game, let me know and I can send you a "template."

I can fit the border in bank 5 and bank 6 will be completely empty. Perhaps if I think of one, I can fit in an Easter egg or something.


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