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Fruit Fly Fun update for July 17, 2023



I added a new enemy. There is now a big fly. It's still a fly but it's bigger than the normal fruit fly so it takes two hits to kill. The bigger fly can start appearing once you reach 200 points. I also added in a black and white mode so you can play in black and white. I don't know why I did this but here it is. After some code optimization I found all this space in the 2k code where I could use for different things.


Unfortunately, this raised the scanline to 263, but it's a steady 263, so I'm going with it. Attempts to reduce it back to 262 were unsuccessful. So now with the number of bytes left you can count with one hand, I'm calling this game completed. I hooked up my Atari 2600 to give it a play and it works just fine. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the Genesis RF switch. The antenna pin to plug into the TV is bent so I can't use it any more.

Now we play the waiting game. I'd like this published in the AtariAge store, but it's a busy time there since business has really picked up after it announced it won't carry certain titles any more so lots of people (including me) are buying stuff because it won't be there any more. I don't know, it's beginning to look like my games aren't very good, but you know what? I'm still going to code since I have nothing better to do. I could just sit there and watch TV and YouTube all night, but that would be very boring.


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