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Fruit Fly Fun update for July 13, 2023



I started out the day at midnight coding. I tried to go to sleep a few times but I'd just lay there sleepy wishing I was asleep. I finally got asleep at 5:30 a.m. But I thought of something I could try: use "STA WSYNC" a few times. So I woke up at about 5 p.m. and began work anew. And then I had to restart my computer for a stupid update. Half an hour later, I worked for about another couple of hours and I think I finally have a steady picture, at least in the Stella emulator.

I added a few things. I added a fly banana bite eating sound so you know if he ate the banana or not. I made various speeds of the bee based on how far you are into the game. My high score seems to be around 400 points or so, and the bee has his fastesr speed once he reaches 200 points. But the hard part is protecting the banana from the evil fruit flies. Perhaps I should call this game "Banana Protector."

I tested the game and played a few rounds. Each time I got about 400 points. But I don't think I can add much more because I have 6 bytes left. I'd like to keep this a 2k game. It seems to be a passion of mine to see what I can do for the Atari 2600 with a 2k limit imposed on me. I think this is my best 2k game yet. I'm guessing "Uncle Hairy's Nosehair" is too gross of a game.


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