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One bite.



I made it so the fruit fly will eat one bite of the banana and then fly away. I don't know why I enjoy making games with fruit flies in them, but oh well.


I also decided to change the swatter to a more purple color because I thought its color was too similar to the hornet's color. I have 52 bytes left if I want this to stay a 2k game (which I do.) I figure I'd test it on my Atari 2600 once I call it finished, which I think I am very close to do. Of course I said it was finished before and then later I went and added stuff, so we'll see.

I was also looking on eBay for Atari 2600 games I don't have. Which is kind of hard because I have around 350 different titles. Which I never play. Perhaps I should just sell them all and keep the Harmony cartridge. Oh well. The point is, I found this interesting:


Someone was selling this. A tiny toy Atari 2600 for I guess dolls. Say you want your Barbie to play a little Pac-Man, you get this? I don't know. It's almost $70, though, so I didn't get it. But I did find it a little interesting.


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