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Fruit Fly Fun



I made a website for my fly swatting game. I'm renaming it "Fruit Fly Fun." Hopefully it's more fun swatting fruit flies than it is guiding them to melons. I want to work on the game, but I think it's finished. So what do I do?

In other news, my Lynx came in the mail today. I already had two Lynx games from the last time I owned a Lynx: Shanghai and Zarlor Mercenary. It took a while to figure out that my AC adapter does not work, but the Lynx works. I have ordered a second ac adapter, this time an official one, to see if my Lynx works with it or if I can only power it with batteries. Shanghai is evil. I don't see why I liked it or how I beat it at all. In my two attempts I was left with about 90 tiles left. Impossible.

I also worked on an ending to my Hamburgers Intellivision game.


I discovered a pesky bug that took a while to fix. If you shot the last enemy in a level and then died at the same time the enemy did, the boss wouldn't appear, but he'd be shooting normal sized peas!

Right now, my Lynx has 5 batteries in it. This is to save the battery power. I figured since it would only work with 6 batteries in it, then I could only take one out to save the battery power.

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