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They look so simple in the sky. But I seem to have been having a ton of problems when programming them. First it was that 2k Atari 2600 game. Now it's my Intellivision game I started back working on called "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland." The problem was with scrolling.

When it was lower to the ground it didn't flicker, but when I moved it up more it flickered a whole bunch. I don't know why. I kept on working trying to not make this happen. I spent about 5 hours today alone working on this. But I think I have it done. And I don't know how I solved it.


The whole screen scrolls to the left. It scrolls that way even when I tell it to scroll right. But that's okay because I want it to scroll left. I'm beginning to think the Intellivision is hard to code for, even in Basic.

I still need to code in level 10 and an ending. And then it will be finished. So why did I decide to pick up this project? I was looking at my YouTube videos and someone commented recently asking when it will come out. I don't know. That's what I've been doing for the past few days: Having my head in the clouds.


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