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Ran-over possum man: level 2



I am working on level 2 of Ran-Over Possum Man, my game I'm making for Game Boy. You can grab the latest version and play it here.

Stuff I did this morning? I put in a test museum for Ran-Over Possum Man. I designed a bunch of room types so they all link together. That is something I need to do when I design the final museum layout. The layout of a finished museum will be much bigger and include the room where the world's oldest raisin was. That is the room you need to go to before you can exit the museum and go on to level 3. I composed a little tune for inside the museum.


I spent all day yesterday trying to make it so Ran-Over Possum Man couldn't go through the walls. It took several hours, but I did it. This morning, I simplified the code even more. I put level 2 in bank 3 even though bank 2 is almost empty, just so I could fit in more stuff in the future if I needed to.

What I will do next is work some more on the museum. First I need to design the museum's layout, which I may do later today.

I like working on Game Boy programs. It has fast become my favorite console to program games on due to its ease and tools people have made for people like me can code stuff with it.


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