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Have some fun with #61



Well... not quite yet. While trying to get a complete Quiz Wiz cartridge set, which I still haven't done, I amassed a whole bunch of apparently the obligatory cartridges #1. I thought about what I should do with them and I came up with an answer: Make a cartridge #61. This was about two years ago. Off and on, I had been working on creating new questions. I was going to call it "Lovely Trivia." Then it dawned on me that I really should try to make a themed one. So I'm shelving the Lovely Trivia concept, which may be restarted later on in my life. After all, I thought long and hard of over 400 questions for it.

I thought some time ago about attempting to make a Christmas-themed cartridge. So that's what I've been doing: Using the answers from cartridge #1 to make a "new" cartridge. Not really a homebrew game since I'm using old cartridges, but then again, were my Odyssey 1 games homebrew at all? Probably, so there.

So this new Christmas themed cartridge will have 1,001 questions when (if?) I ever get done with it. I figure I can do it in 50 days, if I use each day to come up with 20 questions. The days don't have to be in a row, but I would like to get this done in time for Christmas 2023 in case anyone actually wants one.

I went on dafont.com to look and see if I could use any free fonts. I came up with a couple to use and so I used them for the label. I started on this yesterday. I have 40 questions, so I'm 4% done. Yippee. So now I have 48 more days I'll use to work on them. I found an old Uncle John's Bathroom Reader about Christmas, so that should help. I used to have the other one, but I don't know where it is.

I now have four Quiz Wiz consoles, so in case anyone wants one, feel free to contact me.


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