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Ran-Over Possum Man



I decided to make Stupidman for the Game Boy instead of the NES. I decided that the name Stupidman was stupid, so I changed it. Basically, the game will be mostly the same, instead it will be on the Game Boy.


This is a screenshot of level 1. Ran-over Possum Man must pass twenty cars to get to the next level. If he crashes into a car, the counter that counts down resets to 20. There's no score here this time, it's just a see if you can get to the end type of game. This is because there are passwords. I had everything working, but decided the car counter needed to be displayed. This broke a lot of stuff, so I spent basically half the day trying to make it work again. The other half of the day was spent putting in the things to begin with. It was hard because I was having a migraine eyeache at the same time.

My eye still hurts, but it's not as bad as it was earlier.


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