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Squishing grapefruits.



Now Eli can squish grapefruits. To squish a grapefruit, you walk up to it when it's done falling and when you're touching it, you press B. Sound easy? Try doing that with a Grapefruit Monster (or two) roaming the screen.

I redesigned the Grapefruit Monster so I think he looks better than he did before. Feel free to design your own grapefruit monster and I might use it in the game. If you do, be sure it fits within a 16x16 pixel square.


Unfortunately, only one sound can be played at a time, so if, for example, he jumps while the grapefruit squishing sound effect is playing, the jumping sound effect won't play. I think this is beyond my control. I tried putting the squish sound in channel 3 and the jumping sound in channel 1 but it still wouldn't play both at the same time.

I still haven't found what I'm looking for (my Genesis everdrive.) But I did beat level 1 of Kolibri last night, something I am so proud of because the game is stupid hard. But I don't understand where my Genesis everdrive is and if I can't find it, I guess I'll have to order another one. Which is stupid because it should be near my Genesis because I'd have no reason to move it away from there.


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