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Changes to Frank the Fruit Fly.



First off, I managed to put in the wanderer enemy in Robot Ron in 2084. But I've decided to take a small break from that.

I moved on to the Game Boy. While having an insomnia bout, I managed to get in a Super Game Boy border to Frank the Fruit Fly. Then I slept about all day Saturday. I made some more changes to that game after I woke up. I changed the title screen after realizing there was no copyright date on the game. I also changed the music in level 2 because it sounded quite weird with the abrupt ending looping after I had run out of room. I went with a slow tempoed song, fit with all that snow. In the process, I freed up a few percentage points of room.


As you can see, I also got rid of the logo and changed it to text. I don't know why I did that. I also made the mountains spike (rounded top mountains don't look very natural!) I got rid of the period in the title. If I added it like to this, it'd be off-center. It's off-center anyway, but it'd be way more. It makes me wish the Game Boy screen was 8 pixels more or less wide so I can have everything nicely centered. Oh well.

It snowed here a few days ago. There's still snow left on the grass. They're threatening us with even more. I had a bit of a panic when the power went out, but it was only for a few seconds. That is why I've decided to hate snow. The power may go out. I like power. It allows me to work on the computer, something I do almost all my waking hours nowadays.


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