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wave 999



So work resumes on Robot Ron. People said I should drop the "in 2084" part of the title. So I did. It's now just called Robot Ron. But it was hard today. I may fear I will run out of room trying to put a Game over message. I only have about 300 bytes left in the bank where I would put it and about 900 bytes left in the other. But an odd thing happened while I was trying to put more code in. The game got slower. I have no idea why it would do such a thing, so I had to backtrack and rework it a couple of times before I finally got it working like it was supposed to.


I also wanted the game to recognize waves past 99. Because if it got to wave 100 it would have displayed "WAVE :0" So instead of doing that, I decided to extend the number of waves to 999. So that means if you pass wave #999 you would have 9,999 points. And if you have 9,999 points, I made it so you'd go back to the title screen with the score displaying 9,999. So effectively, you'd beat the game. But I doubt anyone is going to get past wave #999 though. And it's much better than Pac-Man killing you once you reach level 256.

Also, I made a new website. It's www.atari2600universe.com. This was because Turbify quit updating and they were being unhelpful so I just gave up and I'll start over again. Atari 2600 Land will still be up, but for how long I don't know. I need to get around to cancelling the plan if it still won't update for no apparent reason.

And I also got into a "Weekly World News" state of mind and I will start making my own e-zine called "It's Amazing!" Here is the cover for the April 2, 2023 issue.


It will be hosted on the new Atari 2600 Universe starting April 2. Then I hope to make new issues every 4 weeks, so the next one will come out April 30. I just have to finish up a few things and think of a couple more stories to complete the first issue. I also just started work on the second issue as well.


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