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Robot Ron in 2084: February 23, 2023 update



I decided to change the characters to sprites. The characters looked really lame, so I decided since I had two available why not use one? Since I don't have any awesome ship sprites designed (that's where you come in), I used boxes as place holders. Unfortunately, I had to change my really cool border to a plain one since my game was showing signs that it was thinking too much. When there's too much code, the top of the screen goes crazy and blinks a lot. So this is what the game looks like now:


This enemy sprite (now marked as #3) bounces around the screen and only goes away when you shoot it. This is what I have left of the list of stuff I want to put in the game:

  • add a fourth type of enemy
  • add waves and a wave intro screen
  • add a game over screen
  • have enemy 1 be in wave 1, enemy 2 be in wave 2, enemy 3 in wave 3 and enemy 4 in wave 4 and then mix it up after that.

I'm wondering whether I should put the wave number next to the score. I am also wondering whether I should award more points for the harder to shoot enemies.

  1. enemy type 1 follows you (Chaser)
  2. enemy type 2 zips by really fast (Zoomer)
  3. enemy type 3 bounces around (Bouncer)
  4. enemy type 4 moves around the screen randomly (Wanderer)

Enemy type 4 is not in the game yet because I just now thought of it. But I worked all day on the game and it made my head hurt. So I guess when I think too much the top of me goes crazy as well. Hopefully I can fit the code for the fourth enemy type in. I should be able to, I have 500 bytes left. The question is "Can I make it work?" I had a horrible time making this work, that's why I had to spend all day working on it.


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