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Try to break my game.



So I got everything working on my Genesis game. You can download what I have so far here. I added a few things.


Like a grapefruit. I thought grapefruits were green. I guess I was thinking of a honeydew melon. This particular grapefruit is teetering on the brink, but it won't fall. I thought a good thing to do is press B to stomp. So I will work that in now that I have grapefruit in the game. Right now the grapefruit does nothing. Another thing I will add in are some grapefruit monsters.

Grapefruit monsters were sent up by Satan to protect the grapefruit. Satan likes grapefruit I guess. A word of warning if you try my game on a real Genesis. The volume is really loud and I have no way to turn it down. So I guess I'll just have to live with it.

I also had to work for a few extra hours on it because it wasn't working on my Everdrive yesterday. But I got it working now so it should be fine. If you test it and manage to break it, please tell me.

UPDATE: I figured out how to lower the volume. The corrected binary file is in the link.

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