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Why Mega Man 5 is one of my favorite Mega Man Games





Anyone who's seen my pictures (whether it's here on VGS or on Instagram) or just looked at my name knows I like the Mega Man series. But which game in the series is my favorite? Often, when there are polls asking this question or someone makes a top 10, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 are the favorites among many fans.


Like many, Mega Man 2 was my introduction to the series and not the original game. But as much as I liked it, it wasn't and still isn't my favorite. I noticed the additions and improvements almost right off the bat in Mega Man 3 (improved control, climbing ladders faster, extra stages before the fortress stages, the addition of Rush, etc.), and in some of the later entries. I actually have two favorite Mega Man games: Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 5. Mega Man 3 is by far the one I've played the most, and was also the first one that I got (I still have my original copy). I like them both equally, but for different reasons.

Mega Man 5 is one of the most underrated games in the series. Nowadays, that is. I can remember in the early 2000's, it was usually ranked as one of the better games in the original series behind only Mega Man 2 and 3. But things have changed, and now it is often considered one of the worst games in the series (or at least one of the worst Mega Man games on the NES). Some even rank it lower than the first Mega Man game.

Being one of the more underrated games in the series, I should probably explain why Mega Man 5 is, in my opinion, one of the better entries in the series and why I like it as much as Mega Man 3. I actually did post the reasons why on both NintendoAge and here on VGS, but maybe some forgot or aren't aware of the particular topic I posted those reasons in. So I've made this blog, which includes pictures showing exactly what makes this game among my favorites in the series.

The Reasons Why Mega Man 5 is One Of My Favorite Mega Man Games

Rush Coil is Different 


I'm not saying this is a "better" version of Rush Coil, but I'm glad Capcom at least tried something a little different with Rush before Mega Man 6 was released. 

Each Level Has Something Unique 


Every stage has something different that affects the gameplay somewhat.


Star Man's stage has low gravity.


Gravity Man's stage has changing gravity.


Gyro Man's stage has a section where you need to avoid spikes while riding on an elevator.


Crystal Man's stage has sections where you need to avoid crystals while jumping over gaps and spikes.


Napalm Man's stage has these drill machines that keep appearing until you get through this section.




Stone Man's stage has no less than three hidden rooms. 



Charge Man's stage has you riding both on top of and inside a Train, a bit of a step up from the Train stage in Little Nemo (but not quite as difficult).




Wave Man's stage has a section where you need to jump on bubbles, and an auto-scroll section that also includes a mini-boss.


The uniqueness and fun little gimmicks extend to the fortress stages as well.

Rush Marine Was Removed 


Rush Marine isn't very useful in most of the games it's been in (the only game I know of where it actually is useful is Mega Man II on Game Boy). Not only that, but Mega Man 5 only has one level with an underwater section. So, I'm glad it was removed. The game adds some things that are useful, some of which would also make appearances in future Mega Man games. Keep reading.

The Mega Tank


The Mega Tank was introduced in this game, which refills both Mega Man's energy and weapon energy, AND gives you 1-Ups. In fact, if you leave the enemies alone and use a Mega Tank, all of the enemies on the screen turn into 1-Ups. You can only carry one Mega Tank, but can still carry up to nine Energy Tanks like Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4.

Other Mega Man games have Tanks with different names that also restore Mega Man's energy and weapon energy. Mega Man 7 has the Super Tank, while Mega Man 9 and 10 have an M Tank called the "Mystery Tank." I prefer Mega Tank.

Beat is Useful 





Beat was also introduced in this game, and you know what? He's useful. After finding letters that spell "MEGAMANV" (or "MEGAMAN5" in Mega Man Anniversary Collection) in the first eight stages, you can call Beat. He can be useful in "Protoman's" fortress, and is very useful during the final battle. 

The Super Arrow 



I like the Super Arrow because it is basically a three in one item. You can ride on it (like Item-2 in Mega Man 2, and Rush Jet), you can use it as a weapon, and you can use it on walls, allowing you to reach areas or platforms you otherwise wouldn't be able to reach if you simply jump (of course there's also Rush Coil, but still).

The Mega Buster is Awesome 

The charged shots look cool in Mega Man 5 and have a different sound effect than Mega Man 4. It's slightly disappointing they didn't re-use this game's charge shot sound effect in Mega Man 6. However, it is used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which pleases me greatly. People criticize the Mega Buster for being overpowered in Mega Man 5, but the game doesn't force you to use it. Each boss is weak to a certain weapon, like the other games in the series.


There you have it. Mega Man 3 AND Mega Man 5 are my favorite games in the series. I know many would disagree about the latter being one of the best games in the series (nowadays), but it doesn't matter to me. I don't regret ranking Mega Man 5 above most of the others.

All screenshots captured from a real unmodified NES, not an Emulator.





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What's your least favorite of the original 6 Mega Man games?

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Always love a good Mega Man writeup.  It's no secret that MM2 is my top and although MM5 is in my bottom half of the NES saga, I would hesitate to say it's one of the "worst" of the series.  It's more like it's among the least best.  It def has some hits, Gravity Man's level is some of my favorites across the 6 titles.

I still love MM5 more than probably 85% of the entire NES library.  And it's better than any of the X entries which are still amazing games (X4 being my particular favorite of that series).

I'm probably due for a replay of 5.  That'll be my next playthrough on the Nintendo.

Obligatory MM ranking: 2>3>1>6>5>4

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I actually find MM5 to be very underrated myself, It's superior to 1, 4 and 6 to me, and you can argue the others to be honest. If you look at the series out of the time, MM1 was rough and janky but good, MM2 was great but still kind of primitive, MM3 tried to do more but had technical issues alongside a kind of half baked attempt at extending the length of the game.. MM4 added the charge shot and a proper 'second tower' which was great, but the charge shot was new and not near as refined and the difficulty was inconsistent, along with kind of lame boss powers. While 5 doesn't have all great boss powers, it felt like the game really refined everything, the charge shot works better, the difficulty while maybe a bit too easy at times was still a lot more even, visually, music wise, etc, everything felt really polished and tight. It's probably the most technically sound of the games while still managing to pull off really nice visuals.

I like 6 a lot as well, but it definitely had a bit less of a inspired vibe to it in contrast, I find myself replaying 3 and 5 probably the most often. 

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