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Going Bananas part 4



Yesterday and this morning I worked a lot on the game. I decided to work on the menu and put the two games I made in the same binary file. As it turns out, the menu wasn't as big as I thought it would be, so I have about 200 more bytes than I used to. I also have about 1,400 bytes left for the third game, which is a little more than 1k. I used the extra room I got to expand "Road Block" and add and alter stuff I had.


I tried to draw a gorilla but I didn't do very well. Perhaps someone can help me with that? Anyway, I made it so if you miss a banana, the game ends (just like in the other game). I also sped up the game at 50 points and again at 75. It gets really fast at 75 and my highest score was 88.

I also fought with the computer to make the number of scanlines a steady 262. That means the screen shouldn't jump at certain events in the game. It was really hard, and I bet I'll have to redo at least the menu once I add the third game in.

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  Your gorilla looks fine, maybe just have both it's elbows stick out to the side and give it shorter legs.  That may look weird too, though.  These are 2600 graphics so I wouldn't overthink it.  Hope your new cat isn't peeing or pooping in hidden places as well.

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