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Going Bananas part 3



I finished the second game. I had to make a few changes to the way the game looks in order to fit everything in.


I couldn't fit in the orange I wanted to. But other than that, I think I got everything I wanted in there. It was a little too easy so I had to speed it up a bit. And this is the result. I have no bytes left. Time to move on to the next 1k game.

I am tired of having the guy eat bananas. So for the final game I want to have the player shoot oranges and get bananas in a spaceship. A lot like my game MidSpace, which I managed to fit into 2k. So it will be an interesting challenge to see if I can do something like it in half the size. And if I can't, I'll try to think of another idea. Since I have two games done, it would be a pity not to make a third and then a 1k menu.

A story: We just got a cat a few days ago. Immediately it found a hiding place and was there for a few days. We thought the cat had left until it appeared yesterday night. Tonight I was working on my game and into my room comes the cat. It left and then a few minutes later came back. And it repeated this a few times. I finished my game. The cat went back to its hiding place. We don't know where it's hiding, but I am glad it decided to come out and at least visit me for a few minutes. Hopefully we'll see the cat a little more later tonight.


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