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Going Bananas part 2



So I worked and worked and worked some more on this all night. It's a little after 4:30 a.m. as I'm typing this now. After I type this blog entry, I'm going to go to sleep. In fact, I was already trying to sleep when I got an idea about what I could do to make the game better. So I worked in a way to put two sprites in. Now I have this:


The brown gorilla/monkey/what have you has a two-frame walking animation. I had to lose the stripes on the road because it was giving me fits. This is just a test, the banana can be smaller and go anywhere on the screen (it's off the road for now). And guess what? The power hasn't gone out yet. Last I checked it was 24 degrees (lucky?!), and there was freezing rain earlier. The high is expected to be barely above freezing here, and then climb up into the 50s the next day. Which I guess would be Christmas. How time files.

I have 229 bytes left for this game, so I'm wondering how much of the stuff I have planned can actually go in the game. And with that, I'll now try to go to sleep again.


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