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Going Bananas.



I decided to challenge myself. Could I write a game for the Atari 2600 that used only 1k? So I did. It was during the coding for that game that I got an idea. If I was successful in coding one 1k game, I could make 2 more, add a 1k menu, and have a three-games-in-one cart without bankswitching. This would be similar to the Atari 2600 program "Pigs In Space" (yeah, you've all played that one before...) where there's three games to choose from.

Right now I just started an attempt on a second 1k game. I have to stop for a few days because there's an ice storm coming and I may lose power. There'd be nothing worse than almost solving a problem and then having the power go out. So in this second 1k game, I have 444 bytes left. It will be a lot like the first game only with an addition of boxes. I was inspired by this game from a little LCD game that only cost $1. I got a whole bunch of them one time from Wal-Mart. When they redesigned them, I got them too. I mean, they were only $1 each, why not?

I mean boxes, like in the game. I had a horrible time trying to make this box go left without jagged lines, but I eventually did so.


That gray thing is a road with three lanes. I will have the guy be on the left and he's grabbing bananas while avoiding boxes and oranges. That is, if I can fit that all in. If not, then I'll have to think of something different. The Y movement of the guy should be easy because there are only three possible places: In the middle of each of the lanes. Here is a picture of the first game, called "Oh Well." There's this creature and he needs to eat the bananas and avoid the oranges.


It was feedback I got during this game that inspired the second one. Someone remarked that the game was easy because there was only one item on the screen. Well, I tried to make it harder (I only had 5 bytes left) so I had to get creative in order to change stuff around to make it harder.

I think I'll name that road game "Road Block." Some of you who follow my Jaguar programming may think "Hey, these games seem awfully familiar." That is because one time I was making a minigame collection starring the creature from "Oh Well" (called a Zyx) with all three featuring Zyxes and their quest for bananas. I doubt I'll make the third game like the third game in that because it'd be really similar to Alien Greed.

But I plan on putting a man in the road, not a Zyx. And I'm calling the collection "Going Bananas" because all three games I want to have the goal of getting bananas and avoiding oranges. Because oranges are icky and evil.

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You could make your little man in the road kind of thick and call him a gorilla.  You could even have him get thicker and slower with the bananas he eats if you had the bytes for it.

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