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Bird legs.



I put a bird in Frank the Fruit Fly. At first I tried to show its legs, like so:


 I wonder what happens to birds' legs when they're flying. I decided then to get rid of the legs and I like the legless result better.


I assume birds tuck their legs under themselves while in flight and then stick them out when they're about to land. As you can see, the bird is flapping its wings, a nice little addition I made to attempt to make the bird more lifelike. I also discovered something wasn't correct about the autosaving code I had put in. As it turns out, instead of saving the current screen, it saved the previous screen. A simple fix, however, I just needed to call the saving function after "screen++" instead of before.

I have been sick a lot these past couple of days. Two nights ago, my head and my stomach started hurting. I don't know how, but amidst all that, I slept. I woke up and discovered I now have diarrhea. Yippee. So I probably won't be working on this much until I quit having diarrhea. I tried to work on something else, but I have to keep rushing to the bathroom every five minutes or so. Which isn't fun.

That round thing is an egg. Whenever Frank gets close to the bird, it may pop out an egg. Much like my diarrhea. Except eggs are solid. Lucky birds. I don't know what to do now. I need to spend some time trying to come up with a few more screens and then put the ending in. I think I put in all the ideas from the Pokemon Mini version, so I need some new ideas. I ordered some pasta from Dominos' earlier today before I went to sleep. I enjoyed eating the cheesy pasta with chunks of chicken in it.

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