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Frank the Fruit Fly - 11/25/2022



Last night I worked feverishly to put in a sound when Frank lost some health. This must be the last major change I can make to the game, since I have to do stuff like that bank by bank and bank 2 only has 200 bytes left in it! I think putting any more code there would make bank 2 overflow into bank 3 and cause tons of problems, like crashing the game. The one thing I had trouble with (the fading out of level 2, it broke for some reason) got fixed finally earlier today (I woke up at about 6 p.m.)

What caused me to do this? I was making a screen in level 6 where Frank was crossing a minefield and if he got hit by a mine, he'd lose a little health and start the screen over again. But when he did, it was silent. I thought that was rather awkward, so I decided to make a sound for that. Then I thought "I can't have a sound effect for losing health only be there," and I went and changed all the other code as well.


That took all night, and it was 7 a.m. when I had finished it. So I went to sleep. I woke up to a really bad leg ache about 11 hours later. If I lay in bed too long, my right leg, under the knee (I don't know what that is called.) starts hurting. So I had to get up to make it stop. I figured why not work on my game since I had to be rudely awakened by my own body. So I did. Finished everything up, and now the game is ready for me to add more things to level 6.

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