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Frank the fruit fly - 11/20/2022



Today finds me spending part of my time awake working on Frank the Fruit Fly. Frank must pass through these walls on the roof (I don't know why there's walls on the roof except to impede Frank!) while avoiding those pesky bigger flies. I think they should be called moths, though.


And with this, level 5 is finished. Bank 5 (where level 5 data is) is only 10% free, so I will make a level 6, an ending, and a game over screen, and then call it done. I still have not run into the game crashing problem.

By the way, I am well aware of the chimney bottom graphics blemish. I decided to leave it like that because if I split that part in two, the bricks would not be two pixels tall.

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Sorry if this was discussed earlier and I missed it, but do all of your games simply require a corresponding emulator eg 2600, gameboy, gamegear etc. in order to play the rom?

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