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Windows for Game Boy



So I was having trouble drawing the window shade on the window Frank enters in in "Frank the Fruit Fly." I tried using sprites, but that didn't work because of the fact that when two sprites overlap, it gives preference to the left-most one. This cut off a bit of Frank if you happened to stop at a certain place. Settled on an ugly window solution and went to sleep and woke up and while I was in the bathroom. Where I do some of my best thinking. Another place I do my best thinking is laying in bed.

Well, anyway, it hit me. I don't have to draw the shade with sprites. What if I instead drew it with background tiles? A bunch of code writing, testing, rewriting, and testing later, I had a version I was happy with.


Frank didn't overlap anything except the background which is okay because the moving up and down shade is part of it. I also tried to fix a bug I discovered where the game crashed instead of going back to the title screen instead of the end. And I don't know if I fixed it because it happens so rarely. It hasn't happened yet though since I tried to fix it earlier this morning. I tried a bunch of times to trigger it but to no avail.

And in case you were wondering about the 5200, it works fine. I just need to get some more games and a better controller for it.


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