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Frank dries off



Today is the big day: I'm supposed to get my 5200 RF switch. After a couple weeks of my 5200 console sitting on the floor, I can finally hook it up and see if it works. I have an AC adapter, I have a console, I have a controller, I have a couple of games (Galaxian should be great for testing the "refurbished" controller I bought) So I should be all set for when it comes.

In the meantime, I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly again. Level 4 has been completed and work began on level 5. I composed some bgm for it yesterday and this morning designed the level 5 intro screen.


The toughest part of designing this was trying to limit the number of bg tiles I was using. All in all I used a little over 20 or so. After level 5 comes level 6 (the woods) and then the ending and game over parts and then it will finally be finished.

I first designed a version when I was just beginning to learn how to code C for the Game Boy. This is from December 2016 (has it been THAT long?!)


I first designed this game where the main objective was to try and get out of a huge mansion with many different rooms, each room being one level. Level 1 was the bathroom. But I thought it too hard and quit. I then completed a Frank the Fruit Fly version for the Pokemon Mini a few years after. It was then I came back to the idea of a Game Boy adventure game and decided to make it like the Pokemon Mini game. But again, I thought it too hard and quit for a couple years. Then in July of this year I began to work on it some more. And now it's mid-October and I am still working on it.

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