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Time and Frank: Flies



It seems like only yesterday I posted that blog entry. Oh well, it's 4 days later. I had to give up on the Odyssey 2 program I was working on. I went back to Frank the Fruit Fly. I finally fixed all the major problems that has been plaguing this game.

  • Save sound now works no matter what level you start on.
  • Game now fades out after passing every screen.
  • I changed Frank's sprites, I added two more frames so his flight looks more fluid (at least it does to me.)
  • Health now correct upon starting level 3.

So now tomorrow (or whenever) I can start work on level 3. While working on the game, a big huge spider came crawling on my keyboard and onto my desk. I tried to kill it but he was too fast for me. Which is sad because now I have to worry about spiders crawling on me when I sleep. I don't like spiders. I guess it's because I don't know which are poisonous and which aren't. Now normally, I wouldn't care if I died, but I don't want to die that way. "Here lies Chris, killed by a spider while he was sleeping."

I slept almost all day yesterday. I don't know how I was able to sleep for 18 hours, but I did it. Not that I was aiming to sleep for 18 hours. But it's been a real bad life lately, so the more I sleep, the more I can escape life.


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