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The TV on the 11 o'clock news and the occasional hoots of a nearby owl keep me company as I work on a new game. I am working on a new Odyssey 2 game. It is a port of Wizard of Wor. So as not to get in trouble with CBS, I have changed the name of it. What would a game about a wizard in a war be called? Why of course: Battlewizard! I made sure to put my custom sound making code in the game so I don't have to work it in with horrid results later. The only sound in the game now is a thud in case you hit a wall. But next to do on my to-do list for this game is pressing ACTION to fire.


Some ideas:

  • looking at the wizard of wor original's Radar screen, it seems like it's superfluous since you can see where the monsters are on the screen. So I won't be adding that in.
  • the squares where the player usually starts will instead have a number indicating how many lives you have left. And you'll start at the top of the square if you die.
  • I am leaning towards making this a one-player game only since I'd use more space if I put in a second player that probably won't be used at all ever.

I need to play Wizard of Wor so I can get a feel of what I am doing with this. I think player movement is akin to KC Munchkin, but I don't know how to do that sort of movement, so the player can move really freely in the space.


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