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Potato Chips are fun



Yesterday and today I have been working on my Atari 2600 game "Potato Chips En Masse." I made some lovely changes to the title screen and added a new level in. I have room for one more level, so this will be a 4k cartridge with 6 levels. I could put more in, but that would require bankswitching, which I would be new to since I'm using assembly.

potatochips40_dbg_7a3b769a.png.c99d0c20f6c4cf4368a08085049415a1.pngPotato chips on the moon? Well, one, anyway.

potatochips39_4.png.cb720c329c77dc92caf2213cb6da9eae.pngThe title screen does a color cycle.

I have also been working on Frank the Fruit Fly. I added in two screens to level 3.

I have also began work on another project: A joke book with jokes about bananas.

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